RH incorporate as standard the drawer system Arcitech

The current kitchen furniture requires wider and larger

RH incorporate as standard the drawer system Arcitech Hettich. These fittings are no previous updates. They are the first designed drawers and pull-outs of the market and developed for existing furniture, for working smoothly with higher fronts and wider structures with greater load capacity and outstanding stability. They are fronted drawers and robust but lightweight appearance and slip perfectly rhythmic and quiet, homogeneous and seamless thanks to its innovative synchronization system. They maintain a perfect lateral stability regardless of the height of the front: 13, 26, 39, 52, 65 and even with the fronts of 78 cm, with an extraordinary cushioning and closing optimally synchronized.

In addition Arcitech drawers and pull-outs are extremely versatile and adaptable to the tastes of our customers because you can customize, without structural changes, even once installed the kitchen. A range of customized variants of elements of wood, glass or lacquer can give a touch of class to the kitchen without expensive changes of equipment.

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